iPad and iA Writer-Voice Over with External keyboard to Type Lessons-audio/visual lesson $4.99
iPad with Voice Over and external Keyboard-audio/visual lesson $4.99
iPad, iA Writer and using a braille display-audio/visual lesson $4.99
iPad- Voice Over-Refreshabraille with setting it up, Notes, editing and the Internet-audio/visual lesson $4.99
iPad-iA Writer-Voice Over and spelling, editing and moving around on a braille display-audio/visual lesson $4.99
iPhone with braille display-set and and move around-audio/visual lesson $1.99
iPhone-Voice Over-Make a Call and contact with Braille Display-audio/visual lesson $3.99
Mac and Gmail on the Web $2.99
Mac-Voice Over- Navigating With Finger Gestures And Arrow Keys in Internet and Textedit word processor $8.95
Air display-ipad, braille display, external keyboard attach to teacher's computer for blind/low vision students $0.00
Apex pair with ipad and write and edit in iA Writer $2.99
ASCII commands for refreshabraille Braille Display $0.00
Connect or pair the Apex-Braille Note to an iPad using Bluetooth $1.99
Create work, send to student using Dropbox, student opens on iPad, completes work then sends back to teacher using email $1.99
ebooks for your iPad or other iTool-Read2go-Zoom for low vision $1.99
Edit tricks on ipad using Voice Over or just sight $1.99
Get rid of extra icons on iPhone or other iTools $0.00
How to Access inaccessible PDF files and get them onto the iPad, using OCR and Dropbox-audio/visual $0.99
How to pair the braille note with ipad or other itool and use Notes $2.99
iPad - using zoom to make folders and move around-audio/visual lesson $0.99
iPad and typing in Spanish Characters $1.99
iPad finger gestures--what all those fingers can do with Voice over -audio/visual lesson $1.99
iPad iPhone curriculum $0.00
iPad Voice over- iA Writer and using an external keyboard $5.99
iPad with Refreshabraille display-pairing them together (other braille displays work similarly) $0.00
iPad with Voice Over and Bluetooth external keyboard-pairing, editing in Notes word processor and moving around and using the Internet $6.95
iPad, Braille display with read2go -refreshabraille demo, but any will do $1.99
iPad, refreshabraille and using the camera and video $4.95
iPad-iA Writer with Voice Over and using a Braille Display $8.95
iPad-Low Vision Tricks to See it BETTER $0.99
iPad-Voice Over-make a folder-compile Apps in Folder $0.00
iPad-Voice Over-setting it up with a braille display-learn how to pair devices, edit in NOTES, and move around the Internet $8.95
IPhone and Voice Over $8.95
iPhone –Voice Over- Refreshabraille –Pair-move around -Make a Call-text a message $6.95
iPhone, iPod Touch-VoiceOver, using Notes and the refreshabraille $2.99
Mac computer and email $2.99
Mac, Word processor and Voice Over, the basics $2.99
Money Reader with Looktel APP $0.00
Navigating a Mac—Move around the desktop $3.99
Quick reference guide for voiceover on iOS with keyboard $0.00
Reset iPad when things are just not working correctly-audio/visual lesson $0.00
Setup the iPad right out of the box with Voice Over-audio/visual lesson $0.99
Spanish on the iPad- audio/visual lesson $0.99
Voice Over-learn how to use the 2 different typing modes on ipad or iphone to type faster-audio/visual $0.99

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