Blind Tools

iPad- Voice Over-Refreshabraille with setting it up, Notes, editing and the Internet $8.95
Braille Note Lessons to take you through the Basics to more advanced skills $12.95
How I got started in a tech business $0.00
iPad with Voice Over and Bluetooth external keyboard-pairing, editing in Notes word processor and moving around and using the Internet $6.95
Personal Lesson to fit your Needs $75.00
UEB cheat sheet $0.00
Windows 8 keyboard commands $0.99
BrailleNote Apex BT User Guide $0.00
Outlook 2010-2013 Keyboard Shortcut Keys $0.99
Accelerated Reader (AR) and access with JAWS and Braille Display $2.99
Apex Braille Note- doing math and inserting answers into processor $1.99
Apex Braille Note-how to edit in the processor $1.99
APH Refreshabraille Braille display, JAWS 12 and Word #1 $0.99
APH Refreshabraille Braille display, JAWS 12 and Word practice #2 $0.99
Beginner Braille Reading $0.99
Beginner Drawing of Pictures on a Brailler $0.99
Blind student Tricks to adapt last minute work fast --right in class $0.99
Bookshare-downloading books with JAWS talking software $0.99
Bookshare-downloading books with JAWS talking software 2-single user $0.99
Bookshare-downloading books with JAWS talking software 3-single user $0.99
Bookshare-downloading books with JAWS talking software for multiple users $0.99
Braille Note using the calculator and inserting answers in a word processor $1.99
Braille Note – learning Nemeth and basic math $0.99
Braille Note- Creating a Folder $0.99
Braille Note- Creating a Folder, Erasing a Folder $0.99
Braille Note- Opening a Folder in a Folder $0.99
Braille Note- Using the Calculator with additional math skill $0.99
Braille Note- Using the Calculator with advanced math skills $0.99
Braille Note-APEX BT-Braille keyboard layout-Getting to know the Braille Note $0.00
Braille Note-APEX- creating your first document $0.99
Braille Note-APEX- saving as a Microsoft Word Document $0.99
Braille Note-APEX-Power battery options $0.00
Braille Note-Open a book from a thumb drive $0.99
Braille Note-opening a document $0.99
Braille Note-Reading a file from a Thumb drive $0.99
Braille Note-scroll wheel options $0.99
Braille Note-setting the date and time $0.99
Braille Note-using the scroll wheel in menus and lists $0.99
Braille Note-writing radicals and inserting answers into processor $0.99
Braille Rap Song $0.00
Braille Rap Song Lyrics $0.00
Braille Sense version 6.1 and the iPhone $0.99
Calculator shortcut keys $0.99
Computer Skills – moving around and finding things on your desktop $0.99
Duxbury 11.1 or higher: creating a Nemeth lesson for a speed timing in class $0.99
Duxbury- contracted or uncontracted Braille in your document $0.99
Duxbury- Spanish-English-tricks to go from Word to Duxbury quickly $0.99
Duxbury-creating a Braille document $0.00
Duxbury-creating your first print document $0.00
Firefox-Jaws and Internet searching $1.99
Focus Braille Display-Beginner Lesson on moving around and Brailling $1.99
Focus Braille Display-Nemeth Lesson $1.99
How to Access inaccessible PDF files and get them onto the iPad, using OCR and Dropbox-audio/visual $0.99
Informal Braille Competency Test $0.00
IPAD-VoiceOver, using Notes and the refreshabraille $0.99
Learn how to use the scientific calculator on your PC using talking software $1.99
Macular Degeneration and Stargardts $0.00
Making Duxbury talk correctly with JAWS $0.00
Making hotkeys or shortcut keys on your computer for faster access to programs $0.99
Math on Apex and insert answers automatically into Word $2.99
Obtaining Duxbury-a Braille translation-print to Braille –Braille to print program $0.00
Quick tricks to write in WORD and send to Duxbury ASAP-print to braille translation-audio/visual lesson $0.99
Refreshabraille 18- brailling in Word using this display with JAWS $1.99
Refreshabraille-JAWS - adding typing mode for 1 hand users $1.99
Refreshabraille-JAWS -brailling a lesson in word $0.99
Select and save pictures from Internet Explorer using JAWS and Office 2010 $1.99
Setting up the RefreshaBraille 18 with JAWS talking software $0.99
Seven Lessons on TRACK CHANGES for students and teachers-everything you need $8.99
Skype texting and making a Video Call $1.99
Spanish Braille Cheat Sheet $0.99
TRACK CHANGES & JAWS -- reading comments from a teacher $1.99
Tricks to learning how to use the Braille low vision protractor $0.00
Web site resources $0.00
Windows 10 commands $0.00
Windows 7- Speed up Your Computer $0.00
Windows 7-Making hotkeys or shortcut keys for your programs $0.99
Windows Media Player Keyboard Commands $0.00
XP- Speed up Your Computer $0.00
XP-Making hotkeys or shortcut keys for your programs $0.99

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