Apex keyview to see what is going on from a PC screen and use YouTube


Carter has a great video on showing the use of Keyview while taking you through the steps of accessing YouTube videos from the Apex:

Assistive Technology Classes online----Coming Soon to students and teachers


So many students and teachers have asked about assistive technology classes in all things blind from TechVision, so they can gain the skills they need to either have their students learn from these classes or take them themselves to increase their blind skills to TEACH their students, or just use these skills themselves.

Blind Student Demonstrates PowerPoint for Senior Project


Calling all blind Seniors:

If you want to impress your senior committee members for your Senior Project....this is the way to do it. Just create a PPT right before their eyes, with just a keyboard and talking software and any of the other myriad of great tech skills you use to access the world.

Completely blind yet notice the perfect touch typing skills- click on  You Tube. She knows all the keystrokes to insert videos and pictures into a PowerPoint presentation and complete the perfect slide show

OCR in Google --translate images into text easily


Google Docs has given OCR a front and center WOW. Take an image document, save to drive, hit your applications key (that key that is between your start menu and ctrl on a desktop) and open with google docs. Wait for Google to take it through the OCR process, do a ctrl a to select all, copy with ctrl c and paste with ctrl v into word. Hit the ctrl key, which takes you into paste options and hit t for keep text only. That is it--that easy. If you can get the document electronically, you can send it through to drive and OCR that image into text.

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