Making inaccessible documents/work ACCESSIBLE


Learn how to take secured documents that talking software will only talk but not allow you to access within, or take scanned images, or protected PDF files and make them all accessible. A couple great apps will move you into the position of accessing content in the world more easily.

See a student accessing an inaccessible math document.: Kaleigh making Inaccessible Docs/work Accessible with Google

Set up computer correctly so talking software works great


The constant question I get is: "Why does my computer not work well with my talking software." Especially at the start of a school year when new computers are bought for students.

I can tell you the majority of the time is because all the configurations are incorrect on the computer. Once you set up your computer correctly, the talking software will run smoothly and great. Minus the times when something is trying to update and it slows your talking software to a crawl or freezes it up.

Google Docs with Jaws


Google Docs with Jaws works fantastic now--watch a beginner lesson for a student


Tricks to Format in Word


Other formatting lessons under the Microsoft Tab

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