Video Chat--Google Talk accessibility


I added this tool to my toolbox of instruction awhile ago as it always takes time to work out the bugs. I have a very excited diligent student that always wants to help with the new ways of technology. We started with Skype as she really wanted to use the mouse, so we enlarged everything on her screen and gave her an enormous mouse to find where she needed to go, but it took her a long time to read the text compared to her JAWS reading it to her.

Exciting instruction with technology


Technology has certainly taken us a long way. In the last year, I have been working on and perfecting the use of teaching long distance with students. As in, I am hundreds of miles away form my students, but with a phone call and a computer, I can pull up their machines, give instruction and watch everything they are doing, just as if I was sitting right next to them: Correcting, inputting and watching their skills grow.

SOD children can learn


SOD-Septo-optic dysplasia- visual and metobolic issues-children ranging is all areas of skills and cognitive levels.

Watch Learning GROW


The start of the school year has begun and along with that assessing the students to see where they are and where they need and want to go, we make goals. If their want is small, giving them the vision of where they could go is essential. Grouping students together is crucial in this endeavor and each watch the other achieve goals they never thought possible thus increasing their own vision of what they can do.

An Incredible Teaching Day


Every day is an incredible teaching day when I am with students, but this summer has been that plus some. During the summer, parents drive their children to my home as I have too many to drive to them and this way I can get in more children. The great thing about this is I grew a large garden this year. During the summer, the children get to feel the garden when it first starts out, then feel it in its different stages. The raspberries and strawberries come first and the great pleasure of picking fresh fruit and truly tasting what fruit should taste like always gets huge smiles.



If you are looking for resources.
American Printing House for the blind- offers just about everything under the sun for books and other materials for the blind/low vision
Grocery stores now have raised line paper from Mead--Thank you Lori for that info. It can also be had from APH
If you are looking for balls with bells and braille on games, go to

The Importance of Blind Mentors


Being blind or teaching a blind person cannot happen in isolation. People will tend to fall back on stereotypes and misconceptions about what blind people cannot do rather than what they can do. Getting them involved with other blind people is eye opening and more importantly getting them involved with successful blind mentors is essential.

Learning through a learning disability


Strengthen your weakest part of your brain and learn the things people said you could not. Arrowsmith School, has the system and methods to get you or your child where you want to be. Practice does make perfect and if you don't use it, you will lose it.

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