Making Kindle books accessible on PC by changing them to text--Calibre/codex


Combined with Calibre bookmanagement which allows you to manage all those kindle books in an accessible format but you do not need both this and codex

combined with shortcuts for all this allows quick access for braille or text reading

Find thousands of books:

Now if you just want to have kindle accessible on your PC--download the simple plugin that allows kindle books to talk with ease on your computer

Kindle for PC [Download]

Kindle Plugin-

  • Start reading (from the top of the page) - CTRL, R
  • Pause/Restart reading (from current position) - Space bar or F6
  • Read current sentence from beginning - CTRL, (comma)
  • Read previous sentence - CTRL, Shift, Up Arrow
  • Skip forward one sentence - CTRL, Shift, Down Arrow
  • Toggle voice (male/female) - CTRL, Shift, V
  • Increase speech rate - Shift, +
  • Decrease speech rate - Shift, -
  • Announce current location within a book - CTRL, P
  • Toggle continuous reading - CTRL, Shift, C
  • Read instructions - CTRL, I



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