Venn diagrams--accessible with talking software

4 circle Venn diagram

Any person whether using talking software or not can easily access every component of this Venn diagram on the computer. All text boxes are already added for an easy click of a mouse or tab of a key stroke.

Download your Diagrams here:

2 circle Venn Diagram

3 circle Venn Diagram

Adding a Gmail account on the BrailleNote Apex


HumanWare has added great Videos on Youtube to accomplish little tasks quickly: Go to

Adding a Gmail account on the BrailleNote Apex on Youtube and solve your connection issues quickly.

@ sign is space U then dot 4 for your email address--always uncontracted braille

Virtual lesson-teaching blind student how to use track changes in Word-how teachers correct


In 9th grade, this student was only using a brailler to braille out all work....a very slow process to get it transcribed, then to the teacher, then back to the student. In 2 months the student has moved to completing all work on a computer, emailing to teacher, teacher corrects and sends back.

Blind student demonstrates PowerPoint


Completely blind yet notice the perfect touch typing skills- click on  You Tube. She knows all the keystrokes to insert videos and pictures into a PowerPoint presentation and complete the perfect slide show

Lessons to help you.

PowerPoint Office 2003, taking you from Basics to Presentation with JAWS

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