Virtual lesson-teaching blind student how to use track changes in Word-how teachers correct


In 9th grade, this student was only using a brailler to braille out all work....a very slow process to get it transcribed, then to the teacher, then back to the student. In 2 months the student has moved to completing all work on a computer, emailing to teacher, teacher corrects and sends back.

Blind student demonstrates PowerPoint


Completely blind yet notice the perfect touch typing skills- click on  You Tube. She knows all the keystrokes to insert videos and pictures into a PowerPoint presentation and complete the perfect slide show

Lessons to help you.

PowerPoint Office 2003, taking you from Basics to Presentation with JAWS

Skype commands for talking software and emoticons


Skype is an incredible tool for anyone to instantly text each other, video chat, share files and so much more. As a virtual teacher, my students and I use Skype daily to connect. My students ask for help easily using instant messaging and can easily insert emotions as they write...just to make the point clear. When lessons are given, we use video. If they need to show me something, they just aim the camera on what they need me to see. Combine Skype with JAWS tandem and you have a powerful combination of tools to teach virtually.

Email work directly from Word using Outlook & and Math tricks in Word with Talking software-


So students continue to learn new and faster ways to get work to their teachers....Here is a video of sending work directly from Word using Outlook and then learn how to do sophisticated math in Word and have the talking software read everything

Watch Video on Youtube at: Email work directly from Word using Outlook & and Math tricks in Word with Talking software-

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