The Indelible Spirit and Potential of YOUR Child


The Indelible Spirit and Potential of YOUR Child

Turn tragedy into triumph

By Dr. Denise M Robinson

Perfect Eye Patches for kids with glasses


Need to find the perfect adorable pair of glasses for your little one? Or need to have 1 eye patched? These glasses will help your child "WANT" to wear them.

Go to Kids Bright Eyes and find out more

Camera attached to Glasses that tell you what you "see"- OrCam


"OrCam is an intuitive portable device with a smart camera designed to assist people who are visually impaired". Orcam Technologies

Easy to use

All you have to do is point.

The OrCam device responds to a simple intuitive gesture – a point of your finger or the press of a single button. Whether it’s to read, find an item or recognize a product, it responds instantly. No need to search for audio books, learn new software or use other tools.

Excel - create and label a graph


Learn how to input your math results into excel to create a graph, either with 1 line or more. Then go onto label your X, Y and Title and change the lengend. Learn what happens when you insert a graph and how to access the additional options that open up for you. In addition, learn how to gain focus of the graph when you lose it and to complete the work, take it from excel and put it into Word so you can complete all math assignments between these 2 powerful Office products.

Outlook 2010-2013 Keyboard Shortcut Keys


Here are 5 pages of Outlook shortcut keys to move you around fast and efficiently. Go to Outlook 2010-2013 Keyboard Shortcut Keys

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