Geometry talking software Low vision incredible PDF/image trick -type on top of the image


Take those scanned images saved as a PDF that are completely inaccessible and show a person how to write directly on them with text, save it and email to teacher for completed copy.

A great low vision trick with talking software: Geometry talking software Low vision incredible PDF/image trick

Apex keyview to see what is going on from a PC screen and use YouTube


Carter has a great video on showing the use of Keyview while taking you through the steps of accessing YouTube videos from the Apex:

Making Inaccessible Docs/work Accessible


Here is a student making an inaccessible image doc--accessible with dochub

OCR in Google --translate images into text easily


Google Docs has given OCR a front and center WOW. Take an image document, save to drive, hit your applications key (that key that is between your start menu and ctrl on a desktop) and open with google docs. Wait for Google to take it through the OCR process, do a ctrl a to select all, copy with ctrl c and paste with ctrl v into word. Hit the ctrl key, which takes you into paste options and hit t for keep text only. That is it--that easy. If you can get the document electronically, you can send it through to drive and OCR that image into text.

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