Blind student demonstrates PowerPoint


Completely blind yet notice the perfect touch typing skills- click on  You Tube. She knows all the keystrokes to insert videos and pictures into a PowerPoint presentation and complete the perfect slide show

Lessons to help you.

PowerPoint Office 2003, taking you from Basics to Presentation with JAWS

Blind students do Math- inequalities with Excel and answer problems in Word


Learn how to do inequalities for math class using excel and Word with a braille display--for a complete assignment that can be emailed to teacher when done

Watch Youtube video

Blind students do Math- inequalities with Excel and answer problems in Word

Braille Cheat Sheets


For a Great Braille Cheat Sheet click on link

Just remember, as you look at the cheat sheet, to do Nemeth code, you will drop the numbers into the lower cells of the six dots

puts out this cheat sheet. They are a leader in the braille to print, print to braille translation software

Here is a more extensive list of Braille Cheat Sheets

What does legally blind look like


I use these images as examples in my presentations.

Open this link: getting close to legally blind
20/100 definition
There is only 1 letter of difference on the vision chart between 20/100 and 20/200...they are that close in visual acuity

Fast Braille Reading


Watch this young lady read braille: Youtube--Smooth fluid motion across the pages of braille. Able to read as fast as sighted peers. Uses Bookshare and other online braille sources to download books constantly to read on her Braille Note.

Lessons and articles to help you:

SKYPE, JAWS Tandem, Virtual Teaching


I have been working with a particular student for years, so her skills are fairly advanced. She started virtual instruction this summer and caught on very quickly. We have been experimenting with finding the best browser that works with the right software and email and a multitude of other things to make everything work together. And, it was time to use this technology in the classroom.

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